What is the development status of the national power battery industry?


On July 21, the 2022 World Power Battery Conference was held in Yibin. At the main forum of the conference held on the same day, the "2021-2022 Annual Report on the Development of China's Automotive Power Battery and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry" was officially released.
As the first major industry report released at the main forum event, what industry signals does this report release? Sichuan Online reporters will take you to read it together.
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The degree of marketization and the competitiveness of independent brands have been improved

The report is organized by the China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance. "2021 is a critical year for the market-oriented development of my country's power battery industry. Policies and regulations have been continuously improved, market resource allocation has become more concentrated, and many new concepts and new technologies have emerged that conform to the market development situation." China's automotive power battery industry innovation Dong Yang, chairman of the alliance, pointed out that in the context of the rapid development of the power battery industry, the report focuses on industrial development hotspots since 2021, aiming to gain insight into future industrial development trends and technological trends, and provide effective information support for the government and the industry.

From the perspective of the overall market, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in my country will reach a record high in 2021, with an output of 3.278 million units and a sales volume of 3.521 million units, with a market penetration rate of 13.4%, an increase of 8 percentage points compared to 2020.

The report pointed out that the price advantage of small mobility vehicles and the user experience of SUV models have accelerated the penetration of new energy vehicles in passenger vehicles.

Among a series of industrial development hotspots, the market-oriented development of the new energy vehicle industry has become a bright spot. "The growth of the data is due to the increase in the private consumption of new energy vehicles, which accounts for more than 90% of the consumption." Dong Yang said that this market signal shows that the recognition degree of the new energy vehicle market has been significantly improved, and the industry is being driven by policies at a large pace. Towards the market-driven stage.

In the statistical analysis of the domestic new energy passenger vehicle market in 2021, the market shares of China's own brands, foreign brands and joint venture brands will be 80.6%, 10.6% and 8.8% respectively. "I observed that the market share of local companies in the report has an obvious dominant position, which is a great encouragement to us." The relevant person in charge of Funeng Technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd. said that this data also shows that The competitiveness of Chinese passenger car brands and the ability to develop new markets have been enhanced.

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The development of cruising range and power battery technology has attracted much attention

The report also made an in-depth analysis of the current status of industrial development, including "new energy vehicles", "power batteries", "fuel cells" and other articles, covering power battery upstream materials, key materials, important technologies, systems, recycling, equipment, etc. All links of the industrial chain.

"We are very concerned about the development trend of battery mileage in the report, which is an important signal for the development of the industry and our market expansion." Shi Shuanglong, director of the operation monitoring center of State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Company, said that the report mentioned the current cruising range. Mainly in the range of 400 kilometers and above, the improvement of this indicator can alleviate consumers' anxiety about battery life and enhance their confidence in new energy vehicles, thereby driving the overall development of the industry.

Power battery technology has become a hotly debated keyword among the representatives of participating entrepreneurs. "The key to the rapid development of the industry now lies in technological breakthroughs, among which breakthroughs in battery technology are crucial." A representative from Zhejiang Geely Holding Group told reporters that as a representative of car companies, he focused on the battery technology in the report. development.

In response to the expectations of industry insiders, compared with previous reports, the report has added hot topics related to the battery field, such as hybrid solid-liquid batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and battery asset operation. It is worth noting that in the competition between the two power battery technology routes, the report specifically proposes that in the second half of 2021, lithium iron phosphate batteries will gradually become the main body of the market. With the advantages of cost and safety, the installed capacity will surpass that of ternary batteries. .

The emerging power battery technology route has also received the attention of the report. In 2021, the state officially approved five fuel cell vehicle demonstration application city clusters in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei, and Henan. The report predicts that with the implementation of support policies for fuel cell development, domestic hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will become available after the demonstration period. It is expected to promote more than 30,000 vehicles, and nearly 400 hydrogen refueling stations will be built.

"Of course, the power battery industry also faces some challenges." Dong Yang pointed out that rising raw material prices, chip shortages and low-carbon development requirements are all testing the ability of enterprises and supply chain integration, and it is necessary to overcome these challenges to achieve further development of the industry.