What are the three major problems of power battery technology?


During the 12th Beijing International Auto Show in 2012 held recently, the TV Center of China Economic Net and the Electric Vehicle Project Team of the Political Economy Research Center of Tsinghua University jointly held the "China Economic Auto Show Night - Where is the New Energy Vehicle Road"? Seminar and press conference. At the meeting, industry insiders discussed the problems existing in the industrialization of new energy vehicles. General Manager Liu Lijian pointed out that the core of new energy vehicles is the power battery, and the three main problems of the current power battery are "safety, circulation and fast charging".
power battery
With the support of national policies and the joint efforts of related enterprises, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly in recent years, and they have initially met the conditions for industrialization. As the core of new energy vehicles, batteries account for more than one-third of the total vehicle cost. The battery problem has become the most important factor restricting the development of electric vehicles. At the seminar, Liu Lijian pointed out that, apart from the cost problem, the three main problems facing battery technology are: safety, cycling, and fast charging.

Liu Lijian believes that the safety of batteries should always be put first. Because without adequate security, nothing else matters. He believes that the key to the safe use of new energy vehicles lies in the battery pack management system. He pointed out that after years of development, my country's battery pack management system has made great progress, and its technology has approached the world's advanced level and has reached the industrialization standard of the new energy vehicle industry.

In terms of battery cycle life, most new energy vehicle batteries on the market have a cycle life of more than 1,000 times. Liu Lijian believes that although the cycle life still needs to be improved, it can basically meet the requirements of consumers. He further pointed out that after the introduction of metal lithium and separator coating technology in the battery, its cycle times will be greatly improved.

The problem of "fast charging" has always been a major problem hindering the popularization and promotion of electric vehicles. It is understood that it currently takes 3-5 hours to charge the battery of an electric vehicle, which is undoubtedly too time-consuming for people living in a fast-paced life. In this regard, Liu Lijian believes that the problem of "fast charging" can be solved by replacing the battery or leasing the battery. Consumers can replace the battery at the replacement station in 3-5 minutes, which can be as convenient and fast as refueling at the gas station.

At present, my country is still in the exploratory stage of the development of new energy vehicles. Liu Lijian pointed out that in this initial stage, in addition to stepping up battery research and development to overcome technical difficulties, it is also necessary to combine with the corresponding business model to better promote the industrialization of new energy vehicles.