Abaige Dual Rapid Charger for Milwaukee m18 Battery, Milwaukee m18 Battery Charger for 48-11-1828/48-11-1850/48-11-1852/48-59-1850/48-59-1812/48-59-1806, Milwaukee 18V XC Li-Ion Battery Charger

Replacement Milwaukee 18v Charger

Rapid charger for Milwaukee 18V battery. Universal 110V to 240V voltage input US plug. Tested by manufacturer, our Milwaukee m18 battery charger is based on the original size and the function is same as the OEM model number.


This Milwaukee 18V charger for replacement Milwaukee 18v battery, Charger both compatible with 18V M-18 Lithium-ion cordless power tools.Fit Milwaukee batteries : 48-59-1802 48-59-1806 48-59-1808 48-59-1811 48-59-1812, Compatible with 48-11-1815 48-11-1828 48-11-1830 48-11-1850 48-11-1852 48-59-1850,etc.

Dual Charger

Upgrade technology, charge m18 batteries in a fast and highly efficient, and built with 2 USB ports on the right side, allows user to connect other devices for charging at the same time.

Intelligent LED Indicator

Diagnostics with LED indicator communicates battery charge status, charger communicates with the 18V lithium-ion battery pack to ensure optimum performance and extend life.

Safe, Stable & Reliable Service

M18 battery charger comply with FCC/ CE/ RoHS security testing standards. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. All Abaige products come with 30 days free return, 12 months quality service, and 24 hours' friendly customer service.
Product description

    NB-MIL14-US A+(1).jpg
    Product Specification:

    Name: 18V M18 battery charger

    Model: Suitable for Milwaukee M18 48-59-1812, 48-11-2402, 48-11-2440, 48-11-2411, 48-11-1815, 48-11-1828 , 48-11-1820, 48-11-1840 etc.

    Suitable for: Milwaukee 18V power tools

    Input: 100-240V 50/60HZ AC

    Output: 14V-18V DC maximum, 6.0A

    Applicable battery: M18 lithium-ion battery

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    Package Include: 1 x Dual Charger For Milwaukee 14.4v-18v Lithium-ion Battery

    Compatible With: Compatible For Milwaukee 14.4-18V lithium-ion battery pack. Fast charging, stable output.

    Using Tips :

    1.Battery Charging: Please Indoor Charging! Use only the battery chargers that are matched to the lithium-ion battery of your power tool.

    2.The lithium-ion battery can be charged at any time without reducing its service life. Interrupting the charging procedure does not damage the battery.

    3.To remove the battery, press the battery release button and pull out the battery downwards.