Abaige 2 Pack 18V 6.0Ah BL1860B-2 Lithium Battery Replace for Makita 18V Battery BL1860 BL1850 BL1840 BL1830 LXT-400 18-Volt Cordless Power Tools Batteries with LED Power Display
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Ion
Recommended Uses For ProductPower Tools
Voltage18 Volts

Brand New | 18 Volts | lithium-ion |Capacity

Brand New | 18 Volts | lithium-ion |Capacity:5000mAh | 108Wh | ideal replacement battery for Makita 18v compact cordless tools Battery.

100% Compatible with Makita

BL1860 BL1860B BL1850BL1840B BL1830 BL1820 BL1845 BL1835 194205-3 194309-1 194204-5 bcl180 bcl180fbcl180wbcl180z bcl180zw LXT400, ideal replacement for all 18 volt Makita tools.

Durability and Safety】

Our 18v Makita battery comply with FCC RoHS and CE security testing standards. Compared with other brands of lithium-ion batteries, this Makita lithium-ion battery has faster charging time and longer running time (2-times more run time per charge than the 3.0Ah battery). Make your work more effective without charging again and again.

LED Indicator

LED light of Makita18 Volts battery can show remaining power in order to avoid over-charging & over-discharging so that improving working life. 18 Volts Makita replacement battery made with top A grade battery cell and repeated tested to match original Makita cordless power tools.

After-sales Service

If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us. We will solve your problem within 24 hours.
Product description

    EY-MA1830-60B A 01.jpg

    This Battery is Designed to replace the original Makita battery.

    Made with cells the same to OEM.

    Safe with rapid-charge technology while providing overcharge and over-discharge protection to increase the life of the battery.


    100% Brand New

    Battery Type: Lithium-ion.



    Replace PN:

    Replacement for Makita 18v battery BL1850 BL1860B BL1860 BL1850B BL1840 BL1840B BL1830 BL1830B BL1820 BL1820B BL1815 BL1815B BL1835 BL1835B BL1845B BL1845 194205-3 194205-5 194309-1 LXT400 BCL180 BCL180F BCL180W BCL180Z BCL180ZW

    Packing including:

    2 X 6000mAh Replacement for Makita 18V Batteries

    EY-MA1830-60B A 02.jpg

    Compatible Model : (please use "Ctrl+F "to find the right code)

    For Makita 18V BH series: BHP451 BHP454 BHP452 BHP452SHE BHP454RFE BHP451SFE BHR202 BHR240 BHR240Z BHR241 BHR241Z BHR202RFE BHP451RFE BHP453 BHP452Z BHP454Z BHR202Z

    For Makita 18V BD series: BDF451 BDF451Z BDF452RFE BDA350 BDF452SHE BDF454RFE BDF452Z BDF451RFE

    For Makita 18V BT series: BTD140 BTD141 BTDW251Z BTD140SFE BTD140Z BTD141Z BTD144Z BTD144 BTW251 BTP140 BTL063 BTL061 BTL063Z BTL061Z BTD140RFE BTD140Z BTD142SHE BTD145RFE BTW251RFE BTW450RFE BTD142Z BTD145Z BTP140Z BTW450Z

    For Makita 18V BS series: BSS501 BSS501Z BSS611X BSS611Z BSS610 BSS610Z BSS610SFE BSS610X2 BSS610RF

    For Makita 18V BJ series: BJR181 BJR181Z BJV180 BJV180Z BJS130 BJR181RF BJV180RF BJR181X BJR181X1 BJR182 BJR182X BJR182Z BJV180Z

    For Makita 18V BF series: BFS450 BFS450RFE BFS450Z BFR750L BFR750Z BFR750 BFR750Z BFR450RFE BFR550 BFR550L BFR550Z