Development Trend of Power Battery


he industry's future scale of 100 billion

Combined with the development needs of downstream industries, the demand for power lithium batteries in my country will continue to rise. At the policy level, the state pushes to increase the proportion of my country's new energy vehicles in new car sales to 20% by 2025. At present, my country's new energy vehicles only account for 5.4% of the proportion of car sales, and there is still room for nearly 15% of the improvement. In addition, at the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the state mentioned in the "14th Five-Year Plan Outline" that the new energy vehicle industry will focus on breakthroughs in key technologies such as high-safety power batteries, and provinces and cities across the country will also respond accordingly. The state has called for the introduction of corresponding new energy vehicle policy plans.

It can be seen that the development prospects of my country's power lithium battery industry are unprecedentedly huge. The forward-looking forecast is that by 2026, the market size of my country's power lithium battery will exceed 100 million yuan.

Note: 1) 2016-2020 is the data calculated by GGII, and 2026 is the forward-looking calculation data.

2) The market size of the statistics is mainly for the pack end, and a small amount is for modules and batteries, excluding tax.