Abaige 18V 9000mAh High Capacity Lithium M-18 Battery, Replace for Milwaukee Battery 48-11-1820/48-11-1815/48-11-1850/48-11-1828/48-11-1840, Compatible with Milwaukee M18 Power Tools (2 Pack)
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Ion
Recommended Uses For ProductPower Tools
Voltage18 Volts
Battery Capacity9000 Milliampere Hour (mAh)

Brand New 9.0Ah higher capacity

M-18 battery uses upgrade lithium battery cell, no memory effect, can be charged or discharged up to 600 cycles, safer and longer run time. Replacement for milwaukee 18 volt battery, meet your daily project needs.


Fit for milwaukee 18V cordless power tools, replace for m18 milwaukee battery 48-11-1811, 48-11-1815, 48-11-1820, 48-11-1822, 48-11-1828 , 48-11-1840, 48-11-1841, 48-11-1850, 48-11-1852, 48-59-1812, 48-59-1850... Compatible with milwaukee battery charger: 48-59-1812.


This XC 9.0 battery replacement for m18 milwaukee battery is over double the power and load that the XC batteries are delivering, and against overcharging, over-discharge, over-current, and steady voltage circuits. LED Indicator Light allows users to conveniently monitor charge levels.

Quality batteries

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High Performance

Built-in upgrade Li-ion battery cells provide fast charging and low power consumption, more long-lasting. Our Lithium-ion M-18 battery replacement for Milwaukee is CE, FCC, ROHS certified, tested, and validated by the manufacturer to match the specifications of OEM products. Works as the original does, make your M18 18V tools work like new.
Product description

    MIL18-90B A 01.jpg
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    Our for Milwaukee 18v Replacement Battery No more hassle in your DIY jobs. Give your tools a new and long-lasting life! Hope you will like it!

    Batteries Detail: 9.0Ah 18V Battery for M 18

    Battery Type: Lithium-ion

    Voltage: 18V

    Capacity: 9.0Ah

    Conditional: 100% Brand New

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    Replacement For:

    For M 18 LITHIUM XC 4.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack 48-11-1840

    For M 18 LITHIUM XC Extended Capacity Battery 48-11-1828

    For M 18 LITHIUM 4.0 Compact Battery Pack 48-11-1820

    For M 18 Compact LITHIUM Battery 48-11-1815

    Compatible With:

    For MILWAUKEE M-18 Cordless LITHIUM-ION System Tools: 2646-22CT,2643-21CT,2641-21CT,2646-21CT,2646-20,2642-21CT,2641-20,2729-22,2629-22,2729- 20,2729-21,2629-20,2706-22,2705-20,2705-22,2704-20,2787-22,2702-20,2701-20,2656-22CT,2707-22,2708-22,2607-22,2603-22CT,2601- 21,2615-20,2602-22DC,2606-20,2604-22CT,2706-20,2704-22,2788-22,2702-22CT,2701-22CT,2707-20,2708-20,2607-22CT,2607-20,2603-20,2603 -22,2615-21CT,2615-21,2606-22CT,2604-22,2604-20.