What is the use method of the rechargeable electric drill


1. How to use the rechargeable electric drill

When it comes to how to use the rechargeable electric drill, I believe that woodworking and decoration will use it. But in life, when we are not engaged in carpentry or decoration, we may also use a hand drill. For example, if we buy a mirror at home and need to hang it on the wall, we need to drill holes in the wall. Will use, inevitably a bit embarrassing. In this article ABAIGE will share how to use the rechargeable electric drill:

1. Pinch both ends of the battery and insert the battery into the battery compartment.

2. Insert the drill tip into the drill hole and tighten it clockwise.

3. Press the index finger up and press it to the top. When it protrudes, it is the direction of the forward gear. This gear is used for drilling holes and screws. Press the thumb down and press it to the bottom. This position is used to pull out and withdraw screws from the holes.

4. The ring marked with a number is to adjust the intensity. The larger the number, the greater the strength. Adjust to the appropriate strength against the scale on the electric drill. Generally, the punching hole needs to be adjusted to the maximum strength to be able to play.

5. Finally, align the hole to be drilled, hold the electric drill with your hand (must be firmly held), and press the control switch to use it.

2. How to repair the battery of the rechargeable electric drill if it cannot be charged

There are generally two reasons for the rechargeable drill battery not charging:

1. The first one is that the battery is damaged. The battery has a self-discharge process that has been put on hold for a long time. When the self-discharge is excessive, when the battery voltage is lower than the charging voltage of the battery, it cannot be charged. At this time, the battery protection board can be removed first. After a while, charge it with the charger. In this case, changing the battery will solve the problem.

2. The second case is the problem of the charger. In this case, you can try another charger. Generally speaking, changing the charger can also solve the problem of not being able to charge.